Wish List

Infrastructure Development

Based on the needs of the targeted groups, Manochetana is planning for the construction of:

  • Class Rooms for School

  • Hostel Building for Boys & Girls separately

  • Therapeutic Centre

  • Multi purpose hall

  • Kitchen cum Dining Hall

  • Office cum Staff Rooms

  • HRD Centre

  • Rainwater Harvesting Unit

  • Protection Wall

with barrier free environment with universal design and thus to improve the access with better connectivity.

Manochetana’s objective is to mainstream persons with disability and other target groups thus enabling them to lead better living with sustainability and quality of life (QOL) on the basis of equality and dignity.

Solar Energy and Wind Energy

Since the organization is situated in a village with low availability of power, it is planning to become self-reliant by harvesting Solar and Wind energy. Manochetana is investing in equipment and know-how required to harvest these two types of energy and is making ongoing efforts in this regards.

It needs the infrastructural development including:

  • Solar Fencing
  • Solar lighting


This is one of the areas where the organization is concentrating and is planning to set up a Bio-friendly environment where the children can conduct studies and become responsible citizens of this nation.

The needs of this unit includes:

  • Low cost Nursery

Rainwater Harvesting

WATER is the most precious and life saving natural resource which literally controls every thing on this earth. Due to various known factors, water demand is increasing and at present situation is alarming.

It is well established fact to note that, “Poverty, Disability and Development are the causes and consequences of each other”.  In view of the lessons learned later, WATER will be additive and updated fact is that “Water, Poverty, Disability and Development are the causes and consequences of each other”.

Knowing the situation at Cherial and its surrounding environment, Manochetana is making its best efforts to resolve the water crises to the maximum extent possible in the given situation. The simple and cost effective measure solution in this direction is RAINWATER HARVESTING.   This helps for:

  • Store rainwater on the surface / subsurface for direct use &

  • Enhance groundwater for further use

This process helps solving the water crises both for domestic and other production use and thus for holistic development of the people with sustainability.

Drip Irrigation

Since the Organization is situated in a village, there are lots of arable regions and the organization is planning to have some subsidiary to its daily needs by means of Cultivation by Drip Irrigation has proved to be very effective method and the organization plans to implement this.

Needs of this unit includes:

  • Drip Irrigation material


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