The aim of the scheme is to work with children 0-6 years with developmental disabilities, to make them ready for mainstream and special schools. This is an early intervention programme supported by the National Trust, New Delhi.

Activities under this programme

  • Awareness generation amongst parents of persons with disabilities,  other family members, community members,  medical & para-medical professionals, anganwadi workers,  Govt. Officials / Teachers and other stakeholders.

  • Assessment & evaluation of children with disabilities.

  • Motivation & counseling to parents, siblings & families.

  • Training for daily living activities.

  • Preschool skills – (pre-reading, pre-maths etc.)

  • Nutrition support (day care basis)

  • Therapeutic services which includes physiotherapy / occupational therapy / speech / dance / psychotherapy & psychiatric intervention.

  • Audio logical assessment & suitable referral.

  • Music drama / play therapy / pre-vocational training.

  • Facilitation in getting admission into special school and inclusive school and monitoring for their continuance.

  • Respite care services (for parents).

  • Social & family integration.

Manochetana has been successfully implementing this Project since 2008 for children with Developmental Delays living in and around Cherial Mandal of Warangal District. So far 30 children with developmental disabilities have got benefited from this project.

Further it has helped for the creation of awareness among the parents and other community members and thus for early identification of the children with developmental delays which is the vital factor for planning their training and rehabilitation and thus to keep them in the mainstream.  In addition, this project helped to create better awareness among the parents/siblings/family members and other stakeholders for understanding the causes and consequences of disability and finally for the prevention of  disability and thus to work for the DISIBLITY FREE SOCIETY (DFS) which is the most needy with top priority.


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