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Manochetana special school is based on the philosophy of education for all. We follow general education curriculum in our classroom with lot of adaptations and modifications in the given grade curriculum. Our classrooms are equipped with trained professionals and provide facilitated learning. Technology is a piece of cake for children with special needs. Computers with touch screen windows, assistive devices, and augmentative alternative communication devices, we use in our classrooms on daily basis. Each student will have individual learning plan followed by Individual Education plan. We involve parents and families in the education of special needs students 24 hrs monitoring on the needs of students who are attending residential facility is available. Round clock medical facilities is available on campus. Extracurricular and co curricular activities are major assets for the residential facility.

The Special Schools are meant to provide for residential as well as non-residential care with the end objective of bringing about varying degrees of improvement in the lives of the persons with disability. These may range from acquiring skills as basic as activities of daily living to their integration into regular institutions of learning and society in general. With reference to the mentally challenged category, the main objectives are:


  • To undertake a proper assessment and diagnosis of each child.

  • To identify the psychological and therapy needs of the child.

  • To assess the capacity of each child and thereafter place them in groupings and grades.

  • To manage behavioral problems and to impart special skills, self-help skills, and cater to the therapy needs have mentally challenged children.

  • To manage the educational and vocational needs.

  • To give special inputs for the improvement of the communication skills of the Children with Mental Retardation.

  • Trained Teachers - with desirable minimum qualifications prescribed and who are well attuned to the specific needs of mentally challenged children.

  • To apply the single window concept of providing for the plurality of therapy needs of the beneficiaries. RCI recognized BRS graduates who can provide for the above viz, speech therapy, physiotherapy, occupational therapy as well as psycho-therapy and parental counseling are encouraged to be recruited. Efforts should be made to use their services and dispense with the practice of hiring persons separately for each of the therapeutic services.





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